The Perfect Wave, The Perfect Setting

The waves, ideal. The beach, stunning. The town, an eclectic melee of Costa Rican and international cultures.

Tamarindo is by far the quintessential destination for learning to surf. Besides having multiple surf spots on a single beach, the waves here run the gamut of sizes and power. For novice surfers, the whitewater rolling up to shore has exactly the power you need to propel forward and learn to stand on your first ever wave. Once you can stand and it’s time to solidify those skills, Tamarindo beach has waist-high waves just a few feet away. Finally, when your abilities are up to snuff and you’re ready to take on the challenge of bigger, barreling waves and putting yourself in the lineup to catch the next peak, Tamarindo beach got that too. All on one beach, you can go from zero to hero, riding next to locals who’ve been shredding what Tamarindo has to offer since they were nothing but sprites.

Plus Tamarindo is close to some of the most prime waves Costa Rica has to offer. A 30 minute drive gets you to either Avellanas or Playa Negra, and with a short boat trip, you can make a day of surfing Witch’s Rock or Ollie’s Point, or both if you’re keen. If you’re interested, check out our Surf Trips page to find out more about these stellar surf spots.


The town itself has some awesome food, with everything from burritos to arroz con pollo, to an Argentinian steakhouse and authentic Japanese sushi. Tamarindo beach’s the nightlife hub for pretty much the whole province of Guanacaste, and has any of the services you’ll want access to during your stay, like banks, grocery stores, shopping and clinics.

And the sunsets are surreal.

Tamarindo Surf Academy is affiliated with the spectacular Cala Luna Boutique Hotel, nestled in a quiet suburb five minutes from Tamarindo and on a secluded beach, Playa Langosta, which has its own set of barrels and A-frames for intermediate and advanced surfers. The hotel has been called the best hotel in Costa Rica by our guests and was named Travelers’ Choice Award Winner in 2017 by TripAdvisor.

We’d be happy to set you up with an unforgettable surf and stay package at Cala Luna, with yoga and spa services if you so desire, or we can arrange your accommodation at almost any other hotel or resort in the Tamarindo area.