Beginners Surf Lesson

This is our most popular single day lesson. We take the frustration out of your first surf lesson by introducing surfing in a fun, energetic, and friendly atmosphere. Don’t worry if you are a slow learner, or an athlete no problems we pace the lesson for your needs. Our friendly instructors will help you to enjoy the learning experience.You can relax knowing that an expert waterman is watching you at all times and prepared for any questions you may have in your lesson.

Land Lesson: First, our instructors will take you down to the beach and give you a brief, but important safety explanation. we want you to get as comfortable as possible with popping up from the board and your stance before we hit the water, a solid base will help you improve quicker. You will learn about the surfing environment (wind, swell, waves, currents, tide), local conditions, and surf technique.

In-Water Lesson: This is the best part! During your first splash you’ll learn how to control your surfboard safely. We’ll teach you how to paddle the surfboard, catch waves and standing up. You’ll also learn about which waves are most suitable for you to surf on.

Our surf instructors always have plenty of time to give you individual attention; they will give personalized coaching and feedback. We are able to focus on yours skills. You will understand what you need to look for when you start a surf session and how to stay safe here or in any other location in the world. We make sure you feel comfortable with the basics.

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3 Lesson Surf Course

Awesome you’ve had your first lesson! You had fun and caught your first few waves. Do you want more? So, now it’s time to improve your wave selection (we take you to spots that help you develop further).

We will practice the “turtle” and our surf instructors will stay with you every step of the way until you are comfortable and confident paddling out. Work on your paddling technique and controlling your speed on the wave by repositioning yourself relative to the surfboard and laying down your first turns, for that reason we make sure you use a surfboard that matches your skills and ambition.

Maybe you’re still in the whitewater but don’t worry because those big waves further out are not going to intimidate you as before.

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5 Lesson Surf Course

Get prepared to ride waves on your own!

Terrific! You’ve done some little turns. Now, it’s time to really hit the moves. Up to now you’ve been in whitewater but it’s time to go a little deeper. You’ll be learning how to keep your surfboard into deeper water. This is proper surfing!

Once out where the waves are breaking you can have loads of space to really carve it up and catching your first “clean & green waves”.Catching unbroken waves can be little hard but with our tips on positioning yourself in the line-up; you’ll understand which waves to catch. You’re going to learn more about surf and lining up with the other surfers.

If this is not your first time riding green waves, we will focus on where we agree you need to improve, because Surfing is our passion and we love nothing more than helping other surfers advance their skills to the next level!

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Stand-Up Paddle

Stand-up paddle has become one of the most popular water activities. Our instructor can take you to the calm waters of the river estuary or, if there are no waves, into the ocean. Perfect for adventurers, perfect for families, perfect for fun, paddle boarding is easy to get the hang of and worth every minute.

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