Federico Pilurzu

One of the few pro surfers hailing from Latin America, Federico Pilurzu  isn’t only a name to on the pro circuit, he’s a well-loved and recognized face around the Tamarindo Beach area.

So, he came up with Tamarindo Surf Academy and the goal of giving people a personalized surf experience, with advice and hands-on help to get you standing and polishing your surf skills in no time.

“Through my years of competing and traveling, I’ve seen places around the world with surf camps that were really developed. I know the importance of starting off with the right information, ethics and technical skills that are needed in surfing. There are so many things going on in the ocean that if you don’t have good instruction, it can be hard to understand the wave and the lineup, and you won’t advance as quickly.”

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Victor Retana

Certified Instructor and Local Surfer

Since learning to surf at Tamarindo beach, Our Instructor Victor Retana has honed his skills at the best spots along the Costa Rican north coastline. With his certification in International Surf Association and lifeguard training, he is ready to bring the local knowledge and technical know-how needed for the ultimate surf training experience.

Victor always has plenty of time to give customized instruction to surfers of all levels, focusing on their skills with a knack for patience, enthusiasm and positivity. Victor has many years riding those waves. That’s means he brings students to the right beach for their level and ability. His goal is not only to teach as efficiently as possible, also he makes sure each student has an awesome time out in the water.

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